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5 Work Place Tips To Stay Fit and Healthy


If you are at work all day long, then there are chances that you suffer from some of the other health issues. But just because you’re at work all day doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy and fit. You just need to implement some simple lifestyle and work habit changes.

So, here are some tips you can try out while you are at the office.

Sit Up Straight

Poor posture can dramatically affect your health. Repeating poor posture impacts your body’s structure slowly as it changes and adapts to it. So, when working at the computer, try not to slouch. You will maintain the integrity of spinal support and prevent back and muscle strain.

Protect your Back

When lifting heavy objects, bend from at the knees, not at the waist, the proper form will protect your lower back and prevent injury. Stay mindful of your body position.

Mind your feet

Walking in high heels increases the compressive force on knee joints and encourages tight calf muscles which can pull the foot forward to a position called pronation. This places stress on the ankle and knee and can lead to structural changes.

Stand as much as you can

If you have a job that requires long periods of sitting, then stand for a while. You can stand and talk when you get a phone call. Also, walk around when you can. It is healthier than sitting. It’s better for your back as it will release pressure on the spine, and burns more calories. Get up and start moving. Physical activity leads to greater health.

Drink lots of water

Keep a full bottle of water at your desk and make sure you intake at least 2.5 – 3 litres of water each day. Sleepiness is often caused by dehydration, so keep yourself well hydrated.

Despite trying out all these, if you still feel any discomfort, our highly skilled Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Personal Training professionals at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy can help you stay strong and balanced and alleviate symptoms when they occur.

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