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Benefits Of Personal Training


At Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy, we believe that Personal Training is an integral part of a successful fitness program, our trainers work with our Physical Therapists and other team members to develop a safe and effective workout plan. You will be guided through your fitness routine, making sure that you are incorporating the right exercises and correct form to safely achieve your desired goals.

Get Fit, Stay Strong.

When you embark on a customized fitness program, your personal trainer will evaluate your strength and range of motion and prescribe a program to help you avoid injuries, maximizing your mobility, strength and long-term results.

Fitness With A Purpose.

Lifelong habits bring about the best results. When working with a personal trainer, you will be coached, monitored and evaluated so that you achieve maximum results in minimum time. Making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle will prevent injury, foster strength and build endurance.

You Won’t Find This in Any Health Club!

AlterG’s body weight-supported treadmill utilizes ground-breaking anti-gravity technology to reduce recovery time while rehabilitating from an injury or surgery. By defying gravity, it can precisely adjust dramatic reductions in impact and gravitational forces while walking or running to achieve earlier mobility and increase the range of motion.

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We look forward to working with you to create a customized one-on-one personal training program that will achieve your fitness goals for 2018 and beyond.

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