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Targeted Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain


The knees are one of the most used joints in our bodies as we rely on our knees for walking and running, bending, lifting, jumping and everything in between. Our knees have to support our body weight and at the same time carry out the range of movement. Anyone who has ever experienced a knee injury can relate to the pain and how much inconvenient and limiting it can be when the knees don’t function properly.

Pain can be caused by arthritis, overuse of the muscle that protects these vulnerable joints, or foot pronation – a natural movement of the foot that occurs during foot landing while running or walking and refers to the inward roll of the foot during normal motion. Damage and injury can occur during excessive pronation, which is when the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body and the shock isn’t absorbed efficiently.

Take Comfort in Walking with Supportive Shoes

Wearing high heels increase compressive force on your knee joints. The deep instep also promotes tight calf muscles which is another common cause of knee pain. Embrace the flat shoe trend and stretch out those calves! Wearing a shoe with good cushioning supports arches and joints.

Targeted Exercise to Support Knee Health

Toning, strengthening and stretching key muscles support your knees and when performed properly and on a regular basis, will ultimately protect and prolong the health of this vital body part. The highly skilled Physical Therapists at Optimum Rehab provide individualized programs that target key issues to help maintain your overall health and vitality while reducing pain after an injury.

Enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage designed by our Physical Therapists at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy to release tension and relax your muscles.

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